Research Fields

1.  Growth dynamics and fabrication of low dimensional quantum systems and materials

  •   Growth dynamics of low dimensional quantum structures and nano structures at atomic scale.
  •   Fabrication of topological insulator thin films, superconductivity-magnetic topological insulators, thermoelectric/ ferroelectric heterojunctions.
  •   Fabrication of interface and low dimensional superconductors.
  •   Fabrication and self-assembly of carbon-nano materials and functional nano materials.
  •   Preparation of trapped atom/molecule/ion systems 

2.  Precision measurements under extreme conditions

  •   High energy resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy.
  •   Techniques of electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic transport measurements in extremely low temperature and strong magnetic fields.
  •   Techniques of ultra-sensitive spectrum of atoms and molecules. 
  •   Cooling and trapping of ions, atoms and molecules.

3.  Novel quantum phenomena in low-dimensional quantum systems

  •  Quantum phenomena of two-dimensional Dirac fermions in topological insulator and graphene, and their applications in spintronics and topological quantum computation.
  •  Quantum phenomena of thermoelectric/ferroelectric super lattice and heterojunction.
  •  Mechanism of high-temperature superconductors and their application in information technology.
  •  Quantum phenomena in low dimensional optical lattice and atom/ion trapped system, and their application in  quantum information and quantum secure communications.

4.  Theory and design of low dimensional quantum systems

  •  Development of the theoretical methods beyondone body approximation.
  •  Electronics properties of correlated systems and their effects in low-dimensional quantum systems.
  •  Design of novel topological insulators principle of quantum devices made by topological insulator and graphene.
  •  Theory of new type of ion trapsl, characterization of optical lattice and quantum manipulation.