Academic Committee

      The academic committee of the Laboratory has 13 members, which includes 9 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).

No. Name Title Research Field Employer
1.  Du Xiangwan Chairman Nuclear Physics, Optics China Academy of Engineering Physics, CAE 
2.  Zhang Ze Deputy Chairman Material Physics  Beijing University of Technology 
3.  Ding Dajun Member Atomic and Molecular Physics Jilin University 
4.  Wang Mu  Member Condense Matter Physics Nankai University 
5.  Lu  Ke Member Nanoscience Institute of Metal Research, CAS 
6.  Xu Ningsheng  Member Condense Matter Physics Sun YAT-SEN University 
7.  Xu Jingjun  Member Optics Nankai University 
8.  Shen  Xuechu  Member Semiconductor physics Fudan University 
9.  Fan Shoushan  Member Condense Matter Physics Tsinghua University 
10.  Zheng Houzhi  Member Semiconductor physics Institute of Semiconductors, CAS 
11.  Jin Xiaofeng  Member Condense Matter Physics  Fudan University
12.  Guo  Guangcan  Member Quantum Optics  University of Science and Technology of China
13.  Gong Qihuang  Member Optics Peking University