Exploring New Physics Beyond Standard Model

Speaker: 赵悦 (University of Michigan)

Time: March 06, 2017 10:00

Place: 物理系C302报告厅

摘要:The exploration of new physics beyond Standard Model is one of the most crucial tasks in modern physics. There are at least two important directions, searching for dark matter and understanding electroweak scale physics. First, I will discuss the two possible avenues to search for dark matter, proposing novel table-top experiments and extending the purposes of existing experiments. At the meanwhile, one of the most interesting questions on electroweak physics is the gauge hierarchy problem. I will discuss the possible solutions using either top-down or bottom-up scheme. At last, the recent detection of gravitational wave at LIGO opens a new door to explore our Universe. I will describe the possibilities on using gravitational wave detectors to study new physics beyond standard model.