Anomalous phonon transport/heat diffusion in nano scale systems

Speaker: Prof. Baowen Li (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Time: May 13, 2016 16:00

Place: 理科楼三楼报告厅C302

报告摘要:Both experimental and numerical works in recent years have shown that thermal conductivity due to phonons in low dimensional nano scale systems like nanotube, nanowire, polymer chain, graphene, and other 2D materials are size dependent. In this talk, I will present a general theoretical understanding of the anomalous thermal conductivity. More specifically, I will discuss how the anomalous thermal transport (a macroscopic phenomenon) is connected with the anomalous heat diffusion (a microscopic process).


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Dr. Li received B. S from Nanjing University, M. Sci from Institute of Acoustics, the Chinese Academy of Science, and Ph. D from Oldenburg University, Germany in 1985, 1989 and 1992, respectively. He joined National University of Singapore (NUS) as assistant professor in 2000, and become full professor in 2007 and worked there until 2014. He has been 2014/2015 Russell Severance Springer Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley. In August 2015, he joined Department Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder as the Rennie Family Endowed Professor.