Tensor network renormalization

Speaker: 杨硕 (加拿大Perimeter理论物理研究所)

Time: March 30, 2016 15:00

Place: 理科楼三楼报告厅(C302)


    In recent years, the tensor network approach has become a powerful theoretical and computational tool for studying condensed matter systems. In this talk, I will introduce a tensor renormalization group scheme for coarse-graining a two-dimensional tensor network, which can be successfully applied to both classical and quantum systems on and off criticality. The key idea of this scheme is to deform a 2D tensor network into small loops and then optimize tensors on each loop. In this way we remove short-range entanglement at each iteration step, and significantly improve the accuracy and stability of the renormalization flow. I will demonstrate our algorithm in the classical Ising model and a frustrated 2D quantum model. 


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