Strain-Induced Nanoscale Self-Assembly and Epitaxy-Promoted Topological State on Surface

报告人: 刘锋 (犹他大学)

报告时间: 2023年8月11日 10:00

报告地点: 理科楼C302

报告摘要:This talk is an extended version of the invited talk I gave at the 2023 APS March meeting for receiving the Davisson-Germer prize in Atomic or Surface Physics. I will review some of our earlier works on elucidating stress/strain induced self-assembly of nanostructures during epitaxial growth of thin films and some of our recent works on epitaxial retention/promotion of surface-based topological semimetal and topological insulator states. I will share with you some of our fun research experiences.

报告人简介:Feng Liu received his B.Sc. in Engineering physics from Tsinghua University in 1984 and earned his Ph.D. in 1990 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Chemical physics. He is currently a Distinguished Professor at the University of Utah. His research interests lie in the theoretical modeling and computer simulation, from electronic to atomic and to mesoscopic scales, to study a wide spectrum of materials properties, with a special focus on surfaces/interfaces, thin films and low-dimensional materials. His best-known work includes theoretical modeling of self-assembly/self-organization of quantum dots and quantum wires in epitaxial growth of strained thin films, prediction of organic two-dimensional topological materials and surface-based topological states, and prediction of many-body quantum states of yin-yang flat bands. He is the recipient of 2023 Davisson-Germer Prize in Atomic or Surface Physics. He is a fellow of American Physical Society. He served as Divisional Associated Editor of Physical Review Letters and he is the founding editor-in-chief for Coshare Science.