Epitaxial infinite-layer cuprate films: From doped Mott insulator to superconductivity

报告人: 宋灿立 (清华大学物理系)

报告时间: 2022年4月13日 09:00

报告地点: 理科楼C302

报告摘要:The structural complexity of copper-oxide-based superconductors has long puzzled scientists seeking to understand the microscopic mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity. This talk will focus on our five-year experimental efforts on atomic-scale preparation and direct spectroscopy of the structurally simplest infinite-layer cuprate films by combining the strengths of ozone-assisted molecular beam epitaxy and cryogenic scanning tunneling microscopy. We access the quintessential CuO2 planes with ambipolar doping, reveal robust fundamental Mott-Hubbard bands against doping and evidence for nodeless gap function. These results, together with our experimental observations of lattice vibrational modes and percolative superconductivity on CuO2, might provide new insights into the cuprate superconductors.

报告人简介:宋灿立,清华大学物理系长聘副教授,长期从事实验凝聚态物理研究,主要关注高温超导、拓扑绝缘体、拓扑超导体等量子薄膜材料和异质结的分子束外延制备、调控和扫描隧道显微学研究。2011年于清华大学物理系获得凝聚态物理专业理学博士学位,2011年6月至2014年9月在美国哈佛大学从事博士后研究,获得Lawrence Golub Postdoctoral Fellowship奖学金。2014年12月加入清华大学物理系至今。