New Physics and Gravitation

报告人: 任婧 (多伦多大学)

报告时间: 2017年4月11日 10:00

报告地点: 物理系理科楼C302

报告摘要:New physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics (SM) and general relativity (GR) is well motivated by many significant fundamental questions. In this talk I will discuss my exploration of new physics and gravitation in both bottom-up and top-down approaches. Firstly I will talk about the Higgs non-minimal gravitational couplings in the effective theory. It could induce a new cutoff that is much lower than the Planck scale and have implications for the TeV scale physics. Then I will discuss the possibility of finding asymptotically free UV completions of both the SM and GR in view of the conventional quantum field theory, where we lend new perspectives to the old ideas. Finally, in this picture I will introduce a novel ultracompact horizonless 2-2-hole to account for astrophysical black hole candidates. In the era of gravitational-wave astronomy, it provides a benchmark that the Planck scale corrections to the macroscopic black hole horizon could display distinctive features that will hopefully be probed in the near future.