Where the proton mass and spin come from?

报告人: Yi-Bo Yang (Michigan State University)

报告时间: 2017年2月24日 15:30

报告地点: 理科楼C302报告厅

摘要:Unlike the simple picture shown by the quark model, the origin of the proton mass and spin based on the related experiments results are pretty complicated and challenge our understanding of the QCD physics at the non-perturbative region. I should show our recent lattice QCD results on the decomposition of this two quantities and how important of the gluon components are.

报告人简介:Dr Yi-Bo Yang is a postdoctoral scholar in Department of physics and astronomy in the Michigan state university. He specializes in the lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD) simulation on the hadron structure with the P-Flops supercomputers. Hs present research focuses on the quark and gluon contributions and also distributions in the nucleon. After Dr. Yang earned his Ph.D from ITP/CAS, he also worked in IHEP/CAS and University of Kentucky as a postdoctoral scholar.